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A Sister’s Love

The Story of the Dominican Sisters at St. Dominic’s

St. Dominic’s is proud to share a new book, A Sister’s Love: The Story of the Dominican Sisters at St. Dominic’s,
written by award winning author Joe Maxwell. From the book’s dust cover:

Every Journey Starts with a Decision

A Sister’s Love tells the life stories of little girls who came to take vows of
chastity, obedience and poverty; it shows how their passion for God has led them to
decades of fruitful service to others.

Who are they? Why did they enter a convent? How did they get to Jackson? What
are their spiritual secrets? How can they be so other-oriented?

As our young ladies’ stories unwind, readers will laugh, cry and pray with them in
unexpected moments. After all, they are human!

For decades they have lived in a local convent while ministering at St. Dominic’s.
Their story goes back to 1946.

When they were schoolchildren, a few “pioneer Sisters” from the Springfield
(Illinois) Dominican Order were beseeched by top Jackson businessmen to come
South and turn a worn-down, four-story Jackson clinic into a hospital.

The Sisters heeded the call during post-Depression days in a segregated state that
was not so welcoming to Northern Catholics, much less women leading in the
workplace. Yet they thrived, winning the hearts of locals.

The book’s overall narrative is accentuated by hundreds of photos and images of
artifacts dating back to the 1940s. These add to the reader’s happy journey into the
mysteries of these spiritual heroes.

According to Deb Bryant, First Lady of the State of Mississippi, “This story pulls
back the veil on these Sisters, who are people like you and me. These Sisters are
life-changers and life-menders. In my current role, I’ve met many great people. Sister
Dorothea and her cohorts rank highest among them.”

Why do we love them?

Because they have shown us the grace and mercy of God’s unconditional love.

The new book by award winning author Joe Maxwell

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