St. Dominic Hospital Auxiliary

St. Dominic Hospital Auxiliary was founded in 1953 by Mrs. Luther Manship at the request of the Dominican Sisters as they were building the first phase of a hospital complex at its new location on Lakeland Drive.

auxiliaryThe first and most urgent need was for linens of all kinds for the new hospital. Three sewing machines and use of the hospital library three days a week were all the Auxilians needed. By the time St. Dominic’s opened and was dedicated May 26, 1954, the Auxilians had logged 7,000 hours of volunteer work and furnished 3,500 articles to be used throughout the hospital. In addition to making linens for the hospital, members performed secretarial work, manned central supplies, assisted with nursing students, and also cared for the hospital’s landscaping. Auxilians even transported patients throughout the hospital to the different departments for tests.

If you’ve been looking for the right opportunity to start improving the world then look no further than the St. Dominic Hospital Auxiliary. Founded in 1953, the Auxiliary has been improving the world of St. Dominic’s and beyond through a variety of projects and fundraising activities. From its humble beginnings making linens for the hospital to raising money to purchase high-tech equipment, the Auxiliary continues to embrace its heritage of helping St. Dominic’s improve the patient experience.

auxiliary5Over the years, the Auxiliary has raised thousands of dollars that have enabled the hospital to purchase many items that improve the patient and community experience without having to spend precious dollars earmarked for health care. The fountain that graces the entrance to the hospital, new furniture in the lobby at the Cancer Center, a telemedicine mobile medical cart for stroke patients, new wheelchairs and many more such items were purchased through the Auxiliary activities. Some of these items such as the telemedicine cart, help save lives. Other items such as the furnishing in various waiting areas help provide a sense of comfort and support to patients’ and their families during a stressful time. All of these items are tangible results of Auxiliary members giving their time and talent to further St. Dominic’s healing ministry.

auxiliary4In addition to fund-raising activities, Auxiliary members are involved in hands-on projects such as the Prayer Blanket ministry, assembling Christmas baskets for families in need, and other projects that enable members to express both their creativity and their belief in the value of service to others. Membership in St. Dominic’s Auxiliary is a rewarding experience both for you and for the hospital. Serving others in meaningful and fun ways with a group of like-minded individuals to support one of the premier healthcare facilities in Mississippi is an opportunity like none other. Don’t wait a single minute. Join us today and become one of the lucky many who are proud to call themselves St. Dominic Hospital Auxiliary members.

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