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Behavioral Health Services

St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health Services strives to provide quality and compassionate treatment to individuals and their families suffering from mental illness. Highly trained psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, chaplain, and counselors will work together to meet your needs as an individual. Our goal is to help each individual and their family achieve the best possible outcome.

Assessment and Referral Specialists are available 24 hours/7 days a week at 1.800.632.5907

St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health Services offers services throughout Mississippi for psychiatric issues. Our staff is also committed to educating the community, including local groups, businesses and organizations.

Learn more about St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health:

  • Adult Inpatient Program
  • Outreach Evaluation
  • The Oakes Geriatric Program
Behavioral Health

Adult Inpatient Program

St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health Services is dedicated to excellence in caring for many adult psychiatric conditions. Over the years, St. Dominic’s has earned a strong reputation for early identification of emotional disorders and for providing the needed appropriate medical treatment. All of our programs are staffed by board certified psychiatrists and highly skilled clinicians who care.

Our state-of-the-art, acute care, psychiatric hospital is specifically designed to meet multiple levels of patient care. Through a variety of treatment options such as group and individual therapy, specialized treatment plans and many other services, St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health staff treats:

  • Severe depression
  • Suicidal thoughts / plans
  • Homicidal thoughts / plans
  • Psychosis
  • Delusional or paranoid thoughts
  • Loss of interest / ability to care for self due to mental illness

If you would like an assessment please call 601-200-3090 or 1-800-632-5907.

Outreach Evaluation

St. Dominic‘s Behavioral Health Services is one of the leading providers of adult psychiatric services in Central Mississippi. We are able to provide assessment and referral for adults age 18 and older for mental health needs such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety/panic attacks
  • Suicidal/Homicidal thoughts
  • Hallucinations, paranoid thought
  • Dementia with emotional/behavioral disturbances (for The Oakes program)

St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health Services Outreach Coordinators are available to complete a confidential, no-charge assessment to determine how your mental health needs can best be met.

With access to a highly trained staff of mental health professionals and comprehensive inpatient treatment, St. Dominic’s serves as a statewide resource for those seeking mental health information and care.

Mobile Assessments
  • St. Dominic’s Outreach Coordinators are an extension of St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health Services and are available to provide mobile psychosocial assessments throughout Mississippi for St. Dominic’s inpatient programs. Our professionals are available to provide assistance with referrals to physicians, mental health counselors, or other services.
  • Confidential assessments are conducted at no charge and can be scheduled by calling 800.632.5907.
Continuing Education Events
  • St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health offers opportunities for Continuing Education on a variety of mental health topics throughout the year as a part of our Making Your Tomorrow Better educational series.
  • To be added to the email list for future series, please complete the interest form below.
Employee Seminars
  • St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health Services offers in-services to your employees at no cost. Our specialists are available to speak on mental health topics that are important to the productivity of your employees.
  • For more information on topics or seminar requests, please complete the interest form below.

The Oakes Geriatric Program

The Oakes at St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health Services provides compassionate care for those with psychiatric conditions secondary to a cognitive disorder such as dementia and those suffering from depression or other acute mental illnesses. The patients of The Oakes experience a secure environment, designed mindfully for those suffering from severe depression which may also include a diagnosis of dementia. We use proven methods to help patients such as social group interaction, reality orientation, sensory stimulation, recreation and self-expression. A unique component of The Oakes' treatment is our Animal Assisted Therapy. This guided therapy, with a licensed Pet Therapy dog, is used to help improve patients' mental, social, emotional, and physical functions.

When to Refer

The staff of The Oakes is sensitive to the frustration a family may feel when a loved one is struggling with depression and mental illness and we understand how difficult deciding to seek help can be. It has been our mission to treat patients for over 30 years, and we will continue this mission of providing care to those who need it in an environment where their condition is best understood.

When a person becomes disoriented, confused and agitated or is exhibiting moderate to severe neurocognitive functional impairment (excluding brain injury or mental retardation), it is time to call one of our counselors for an assessment. The Oakes is designed to treat those who may have concurrent medical issues and those with physical needs.

If you would like an assessment please call 601-200-3090 or 1-800-632-5907.

Admission Criteria

  • Dementia with emotional / behavioral disturbances
  • Suicidal thoughts / plans
  • Severe depression
  • Homicidal thoughts / plans
  • Delusional or paranoid thoughts
  • Loss of interest or inability to care for themselves
  • Psychosis

General Information

If you would like an assessment please call (601) 200-3090 or (800) 632-5907.

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