Neurosurgery Associates

Fear and anxiety come with the diagnosis of a neurological injury, disorder, brain tumor, aneursym, brain hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, spasticity, epilepsy, or spinal disease. At St. Dominic’s Neurosurgery Associates, our neurosurgeons are trained in the latest techniques and procedures including craniotomy and skull base surgery, spinal decompression, stabilization and fusion, neuroendoscopy, pituitary surgery, shunt surgery, Chiari decompression and carpal tunnel release.

These highly specialized procedures and more are offered at St. Dominic’s Neurosurgery Associates by our highly trained and skilled staff for patients in need of compassionate care and ease of mind. Most of our patients are referred to us by another physician or provider. However, we do accept self-referrals.

Please contact St. Dominic’s Neurosurgery Associates at  (601) 200-5955 for all your neurosurgery questions or to schedule an appointment.

971 Lakeland Drive
Suite 1250
Jackson, MS 39216