Women’s Services

St. Dominic’s understands the unique needs of women in all stages of life. From the anticipation and excitement of childbirth to the health concerns faced in young and mature adulthood, women who choose St. Dominic’s expect compassion to be at the forefront of advanced medical care and treatment.

St. Dominic’s Maternal & Newborn Care Center emphasizes a team approach to care with physicians, nurses and educators working together to meet the total needs of the patient and the entire family. We offer services and programs not only during your hospital stay, but also classes and resources to assist with the family transition long before and long after the birth of your baby.

We offer digital mammography and other breast diagnostic technology with the Center for Women’s Health and St. Dominic’s Madison Medical Imaging. We focus on comfort and a relaxing environment which houses some of the most advanced technology available for detecting breast cancer.

Because heart health is always a concern in both men and women, you can sign up for a comprehensive heart screening designed specifically for women. Find out if you are at risk for heart disease with a complete assessment that includes an array of tests and a consultation with a registered cardiac nurse to discuss results and next steps.

Maternal and Newborn Care

To make an appointment with a St. Dominic’s Women’s Health Services, please call (601) 200-2000. We accept most insurance.

St. Dominic’s offers a wide range of informative classes on women’s health topics. From childbirth classes to fitness classes, we make sure you are always armed with the best information available so that you can make health decisions that are right for you.