Childbirth Education & Prenatal Classes

St. Dominic’s wants to make sure that you and the other members of your family are ready for the arrival of your new baby.  We put a special emphasis on education classes so that you feel prepared to handle the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth plus those that come from caring for a newborn.  Our classes include everything from fitness for mom and breastfeeding to infant CPR.

View our roster of ongoing classes below.
*Registration is required for all classes.
Call St. Dominic’s OB Educator at (601) 200-5995 to register for classes.

Classes For Expecting Families

Button-View-All-EventsThe Club at St. Dominic’s offers a structured water fitness class for expectant mothers wanting a low impact, moderate workout. All participants must be at least 12 weeks into pregnancy and have a signed medical release from a physician prior to attending. Postpartum classes are offered for up to eight weeks after your physician’s clearance. Call (601) 200-5995 for details. Additional fees will apply if you are not delivering at St. Dominic Hospital.

Button-View-All-EventsThis class includes the advantages of breastfeeding for mother and baby, prenatal preparation, keys to successful breastfeeding and expressing and storing breast milk. Free for mothers who are delivering at St. Dominic’s. Pre-registration for this class is required.
Call (601) 200-5995. Free. Thursday and Saturday classes are available.

Button-View-All-EventsThis is a one-session class held twice monthly at St. Dominic’s. It teaches injury prevention and the correct CPR techniques for infants. The class is a must for parents or anyone taking care of your baby. Pre-registration required. To register, call 601-200-5995. This class is free for mothers delivering at St. Dominic’s.

Please contact Safe Kids Mississippi to schedule a car seat check-up to ensure that your child’s car seat is secure. For more information, call 601-815-6212, or email [email protected].

Button-View-All-EventsSt. Dominic’s will offer a special class for children ages 3-8 who are expecting a new baby in their family. Emphasis is given to the sibling’s new role as a big brother or big sister. Call (601) 200-5995 for details or to register. Pre-registration for this class is required. If you are pre-registered at St. Dominic’s, this class is FREE.

Button-View-All-EventsA one-night class for expectant or new fathers which offers personal, first-hand tips from a new dad and advice on how to help mom. Call (601) 200-5995 to register. Pre-registration for this class is required. FREE.

Button-View-All-EventsBasic infant care, including holding, diapering, feeding and bathing, are some of the topics covered. Common parental concerns during the first few months are also addressed. This class is also excellent for expecting grandparents or adoptive parents. If you are pre-registered at St. Dominic Hospital this class is free. Pre-registration for this class is required. Call (601) 200-5995 to register.

Button-View-All-EventsSt. Dominic’s offers a class that covers everything you need to know before, during and after your baby’s birth during a four-week course. Topics include the physical changes of pregnancy, signs and stages of labor, relaxation and breathing and some helpful tips for newborn care. The class also answers questions about delivery, hospital procedures and anesthesia. Dinner and a tour of the Maternal and Newborn Center is included. Weekend classes and/or online courses are also available. Pre-registration for this class is required. Call (601) 200-5995 to register. Cost: $40 per couple.

elearning-buttonAs an alternative for parents who cannot attend our conventional prepared childbirth class due to bed rest, scheduling conflicts or time constraints we offer an interactive, web-based program that includes animated illustrations, videos, voice-overs and interactive games. It can be viewed on a PC or Mac. High speed Internet is advised but dial-up will work, it may just take a while for the download to complete. After registering for this class you will receive a code to enter the eLearning program. The code will be good for 84 days starting from the time you first log-on.  Once you receive your code visit to begin your class.

Contact (601) 200-5995 to register.